Should You DIY Your Wedding Album?


Ahh, the fun task of finding your wedding photographer. What makes it even more fun is having to decide on which wedding package you feel like is the best fit for you! Do you go with the option that has an album included, or do you skip the album and make it yourself? As you are researching who to pick for your wedding photographer, ask to look at some of their album samples and examine the quality of their products.

Look at how they tell the story of the couples wedding day. Regardless of doing it yourself (DIY) or purchasing one from your photographer, your wedding album is an emotional investment. When we get asked if you should DIY your album, my answer is the same every time! NO!!! Go through your photographer!! Trust me, you will be WAY happier when you do! Here are a few of our reasons why:


Remember when Instagram and Facebook went down back in 2019? Me too!

So if our social platforms can go down, even if it is just for a couple hours, what if something happens and all our digital platforms are wiped out. what do you have to show your wedding photos besides your memories? That is why you want to make sure that your photographer offers incredible archive quality albums! Also, do you remember floppy discs and CD-ROMs? Current technology no longer supports those devices and who knows, in the future, flash drives might be a thing in the past! Printing your photos are future-proof and technology can’t change that!


Have you ever gotten back home from a family vacation and you say this will be the trip you actually print your photos and put them on a wall? Two years later and your walls are still empty because you keep pushing off having to look through the hundreds of photos and make a final decision. Yup I’m right there with you! I know life gets busy and the task of making an album and picking photos is overwhelming and easily forgotten.

By booking a photographer that offers wedding albums, you know you will ACTUALLY receive an album!! Then you can display it in your house. Leave it on your coffee table to show all your friends and family when they come visit. Don’t forget about your parents and the new in-laws! See if your photographer offers parent albums so they can get an album too!!


This one might be the most important, but professional photographers know what we’re doing when it comes to designing your album! If you’ve ever looked into designing your own album or even just printed some photos for you walls, you will see options like lustre coating, matte,  photographic print, linen, velvet, leather, CMYK or RGB and so on. Jeez just writing that brings up my anxiety a little lol Leave it to the pros! Your photographer will have experience designing album layouts, curating photos that tell your story in the best way possible, and working with you through a revision process to create the album of your dreams. All you have to worry about is loving the design of your album! Trust me, it is worth the investment!


As professional photographers, we have access to print labs and manufacturers that produce albums that are designed using paper, inks and materials that are meant to last up to at least 100 years without any signs of fading or deterioration. Photographers know whether the labs need your images set to CMYK or RGB color profile and know how to calibrate them to ensure that the print lab prints your images as they are given to you! Ever gotten your images printed at Costco or Walgreens and wonder why they either look overly saturated or have no color to them, that is because they use cheaper ink and might not have their software calibrated the same way your phone or computer has them. I can’t emphasize this as much. As I believe you shouldn’t go cheap with choosing your photographer, don’t go cheap with printing your album!! 


I can’t sugar coat this, but designing an album takes hours! Especially having to go through hundreds, to possibly over a thousand images. Do you know which layouts or images work best to create the best storytelling? The worst thing would be deciding to do this yourself and getting overwhelmed and burnt out that this process isn’t as fun as you thought and you give up and don’t actually ever get to printing an album. Instead, leave it to the professionals! Trust me, you’ll still feel involved in the whole process by choosing the cover material, color and size along with offering feedback with the layouts and photos. Enjoy your first few months of being newlyweds!

We hope this article helps you as your planning for your wedding day! Wedding albums are a great gift to add to your registry and family and friends love contributing to this heirloom! Did you know all of our wedding packages include credit towards an heirloom wedding album? You can have your guests pay for more credits to give you the ability to add more pages to your product! 

Feel free to check out more articles on in our Journal and if you have any questions about your wedding planning, send us a message and we will love to help you!

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